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Information for Schools
The information on this page is specifically designed for financial aid professionals and other college officials who are
involved in the administration of any Massachusetts State Financial Aid Programs.
MASSGrant Processing
Institutions ONLY:  Access MASSGrant records for students attending your institution.
MASSAid for institutions

  • 2014-2015 Final MASSGrant Payment Schedule  (PDF:20K)
  • 2014-2015 MASSAid School User Guide. (PDF: 2946K)
  • 2014-2015 Download-Upload Year End Recon File Layout (PDF: 47K)
  • 2014-2015 Download-Upload Certification Roster File Layout.pdf (PDF: 71K)
  • 2014-2015 Download-Upload Reconcile Payments File Layout.pdf (PDF: 71K)
  • OSFA State Financial Aid Programs Refund Worksheet
    Institutions ONLY:   Login to access the OSFA Refund Worksheet.
    OSFA Attestation Guide
    Institutions ONLY:   FY2014 OSFA Attestation Guide (5th Edition)rev.061714:
    Access the OSFA Attestation Guide.
    OSFA Processing Forms for Award Year 2014-2015
    GEAR UP Scholarship Processing
    Institutions ONLY:   Gear Up Administration is now available within the MASSAid system
    On-Line Year End Reporting
    Institutions ONLY:   Login for 2013-2014 Year End Data Reporting.
    Completion Incentive Grant Fund Submission
    CIGF Institutions ONLY:   Login for FY 2015 End of Term CIGF File.
    Completion Incentive Grant Fund Roster Manager
    CIGF Institutions ONLY:  Login for FY 2015 CIGF Roster Certification.

    Past or Pending Payments
    The Office The Comptroller's MASSFinance web site provides payment information for
    your institution. Select the VendorWeb option. You will need
    your institution's vendor code to login. If you do not know it,
    you can obtain it by calling OSFA at (617) 391-6070.
    Adams Scholarship Roster Manager

    For any technical questions, please contact:
    Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Roster Manager
    Institutions ONLY:   ECE Scholarship Roster Administration is now available within the MASSAid system
    Paraprofessional Teachers Preparation Grant Roster Manager
    Institutions ONLY:   PTP Grant Roster Administration is now available within the MASSAid system.

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