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Commonwealth Futures
Grant Program
This program is no longer funded.

The The Commonwealth Futures Grant Program has established a partnership between the Commonwealth and institutions of higher education in Massachusetts to provide forgivable loans to encourage enrollment in high-industry-demand programs. The Program recognizes the current shortage of highly skilled workers available to meet business and industry demand in Massachusetts. The basis for forgiving repayment is tied to retaining Massachusetts's residency following the eligible student's completion of his/her undergraduate and/or graduate degree. The Commonwealth Futures Grant targets enrollment in specific degree programs as determined by the Board of Higher Education in consultation with the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts.

Who Is Eligible?
To be eligible for a Commonwealth Futures Grant, a student must:
  • Be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts or an eligible out-of-state student
  • Be a United States citizen or eligible noncitizen.
  • Agree to complete an eligible undergraduate or graduate degree program in an eligible independent college or university in the Commonwealth.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment at the minimum required by the institution.
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 G.P.A. for each academic year.
  • Be in compliance with applicable laws regarding Selective Service Registration.
  • Not be in default of any Federal or State Loans for attendance at any institution or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received.
Eligible Institutions
An eligible institution shall mean an institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which:
  • Admits as regular students only persons having a certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education or the recognized equivalent of such a certificate, and
  • Is legally authorized within the Commonwealth to provide a program of post-secondary education, and
  • Provides an education for which it awards an associate, bachelor's or graduate degree and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and
  • Is not a public higher educational institution operated by the Commonwealth or its subdivisions and does not derive the major portion of its annual budget from state or local appropriations, and
  • Does not have as its primary purpose education for religious purposes.
Eligible Programs
Any undergraduate baccalaureate or graduate degree program designated as high need discipline by the Board of Higher Education in consultation with the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICUM). Currently, high demand disciplines are identified as follows:
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Engineering-Related Technologies
  • Biological Sciences/Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Science Technologies
Award Amounts
The award value under the Commonwealth Futures Grant Program is the following:
  • $3,000 per academic year for eligible undergraduate students
  • $3,000 per academic year for eligible graduate students
For More Information
This program is no longer funded.

You can call the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance at (617) 391-6070 to obtain more information.

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